Finishing Mill Machine NC-400i
Product Description
  • NC-400i is a special designed machine for machining the round tube workpiece. NC-400i can mill the both sides of workpiece at the same time by using the powerful milling heads and the automatic operation process is the most advantage of this machine.
Horizontal Milling Machine
Machining capacity Length of workpiece 50 ~ 350 mm
Max. thickness of round tube 3.2 ~ 6 mm
Diameter of round tube ф50 ~ 180 mm
Travel & table Travel of table Z-axis 600 mm
Travel of head X/Y-axis 180 mm
Feed speed Rapid feed speed Z-axis 15 m/min
Rapid feed speed X/Y-axis 15 m/min
Cutting feed speed manual 1 – 1500 mm/min
Spindle Spindle NT50 equivalent
Dimension of spindle nose ф 40 mm
Spindle speed 200 ~ 1600 RPM
Vertical clamping Vertical clamp hydraulic cylinder ф 50 x 250 mm
Motor Spindle motor output 11 kW
Feed motor X,Y,Z-axis 1.5 kW
Control system MITSUBISHI 
Others Voltage 220 V (Transformer)
Machine weight 5 tons
Machine size W x L x H (mm) 2500 x 2600 x 2300
  • One-piece rigid construction machine base.
  • Cutting spindle (NT50) X and Y-axis.
  • Spindle guides are TURCITE-B coated and precision scraped.
  • 3 axes control, X, Y, and Z axes (L, R cutting spindle and worktable)
  • Vertical clamp hydraulic cylinder system for W-axis.
  • Vertical clamping jig.
  • Hydraulic system.
  • Pneumatic system.
  • Cutting fluid system.
  • 3 colors working condition light.
  • LED work light.
  • Toolbox with tools.
  • MITSUBISHI control system.
  • Manual Pulse Generator (MPG).
  • Electric cabinet with air cooling system.