Vertical Milling Machine
Model VM-400NC VM-500NC
Cutting capacity Cutting Width Max 400 mm 500mm
Cutting Thickness Max 300 mm

Cutting Thickness Min

5 mm
Spindle box & spindle Distance between spindle nose 70~400 mm
Spindle Motor 30 HP
Spindle Taper NT-60
Spindle Speed 50~250 rpm
X-axis (Horizontal) Z-axis (Longitudinal) Max. horizontal travel(X-axis) 1250 mm 1500 mm
Max. longitudinal travel (Z-axis) 320mm
Servo Motor (X-axis) 2.5kw
Servo Motor (Z-axis) 2.5kw
Dia. of ball screw (X-axis) Φ50 P10
Dia. of ball screw (Z-axis) Φ50 P10
Rapid (X-axis) 8 m/min
Rapid feed (Z-axis) 6 m/min
Work table (Magnetic) Worktable area (Single) 400 × 800(mm) 480 × 900(mm)
Index table Dimensions 1000 × 1000 (mm) 1100 × 1100 (mm)
Oil tank capacity Hydraulic unit 100 L
Lubrication oil tank 2L ×3
Machine dimension W × L 3600×4500(mm)
N.W   8 ton 8.5 ton