Spindle Taper BT-50
Spindle speed Two-step
Spindle speed (RPM) High gear Gear ratio = 0.85
Low gear Gear ratio = 0.27
Circulated oil Circulated oil #32
Hydraulic pressure for change gear system 8 ~ 10
Max. cutter Dia. ф 200 mm
Max. torque transmission 500 N - m
Hydraulic oil for change gear system Hydraulic oil #32
Air pressure for pneumatic tool cylinder 5 ~ 7 kg / cm2
Spindle speed 3000 RPM
Spindle motor (optional) 18.5 kw / 22 kw (ф 55)
Rigid tapping (optional) N / A
Servo motor (optional) N / A
Work travel 400 mm (with the slideway base)
Weight 560 kg (without the slideway base) 890 kg (with the slideway base)
  • The NC milling head provide right hand side milling and left hand side milling for select, it allows for vertical, horizontal and reversed horizontal milling. Also it available to mount with the angular head.
  • Easy to operate and high rigidity. The NC milling head is applicable for Plano miller or special purpose machine and it is suitable for heavy duty cutting, boring, drilling and tapping operations.
  • The lubrication system are forcedly lubricated by using automatic pump or automatic lubricator.
  • Gears and shafts are manufactured from Chrome-molybdenum alloy steel (SCM415), quenched and precision ground to JIS Class 1. Rugged material is not easy to crack even by impact.
  • The casting parts are manufactured from Meehanite cast iron and stress relieved to ensure the accuracy and stability of the milling head.
  • The slideway surfaces are hardened and precision ground, allowing accurate movement and maximum wear-resistance.
  • Air curtain device may prevent chips and dusts from entering.
  • Circulated oil cooling system reduces the temperature of the milling head.
  • Two-step hydraulic control system.
  • The gearbox structure is fitted with high speed bearing and fixed well at both sides to avoid vibration during heavy duty cutting.
  • The transmission shaft is designed with straight type gear and separated design for easy maintenance.
  • Multiple seal design optimized bearing construction and use the needle bearing to provide better cutting capacity.
  • Precision assembly skill with guaranteed accuracy.