Product Description
FANUC Controller
  • 17” (Φ425mm) R&L Cutters
  • CE specification
  • Spindle temperature compensation system
  • Quick Response Code
  • Automated measurement after machining (QC Measurement)
Cutting capacity No. of control spindle 3
Cutting size Min. /Max. 165 / 950 mm
Max. cutting thickness (Cutter) 425 mm
Spindle box & spindle Distance between spindle nose 300 ~ 1150 mm
Spindle motor 30 HP or 35HP (22/26 kw)
Spindle taper NT – 60 equivalent
Spindle speed variable speed 50 ~ 300 rpm
X-axis(Right spindle)
Y-axis(Left spindle)
Max. longitudinal travel (Z-axis) 2250 mm
Max. spindle travel (X,Y-axes) 410 mm
Servo motor (Z-axis) α22
Servo motor (X, Y-axes) α12
Dia. of ball screw (Z-axis) Φ63 P 12
Dia. of ball screw (X, Y-axis) Φ50 P10
Rapid feed (Z-axis) 8 m/min
Rapid feed (X, Y-axis) 8 m/min
Work table Worktable area (mm) 600 x 2100
Oil tank capacity Hydraulic unit 100L
Lubrication oil tank 2L x 3
Others Machine dimension W x L x H (mm) 4100x 6500 x 2550
N.W. 15 tons
  • Machine base with rigid, one-piece iron construction.
  • Heavy-duty cutting Spindle (Equivalent NT60) X and Y-axis.
  • Z-axis Precision scraped V and flat guideway for heavy-duty cutting.
  • All guides are TURCITE-B coated and precision scraped.
  • Half of the Z-axis ball screw is soaked into the lubrication oil.
  • Powerful vertical clamp hydraulic cylinder.
  • With one main cylinder and two auxiliary hydraulic cylinders.  
  • 3 axes control, Z, (longitude) X, Y (R and L cutting spindle) and W (Vertical clamping).
  • HMI user-friendly touch screen, with dialogic data input, self-alarm diagnosis, and alarm message display.
  • Electric Cabinet with air cooling system.
  • 90° align stopper for easy setup of the workpiece.
  • Complete set of a hydraulic system.
  • Pneumatic system for air blow.
  • 2 sets of screw-type chip conveyors.
  • Toolbox with tools.
  • Work light.
  • 3 colors working condition light.
  • FANUC Control system.