Product Description
FANUC Controller
  • 17” (Φ425mm) R&L Cutters
  • CE specification
  • Spindle temperature compensation system
  • Quick Response Code.
  • Automated measurement after machining (QC Measurement)
Cutting capacity No. of control spindle 4
Cutting size Min. /Max. 500 / 1000 mm
Max. cutting thickness (Cutter) 425 mm
Spindle box & spindle Distance between spindle nose 600 ~ 1200 mm
Spindle motor 30 HP or 35HP (22/26 kw)
Spindle taper NT – 60
Spindle speed variable speed 50 ~ 300 rpm
X-axis(Right spindle)
Y-axis(Left spindle)
Max. longitudinal travel (Z-axis) 2250 mm
Max. spindle travel (X,Y-axes) 385 mm
Servo motor (Z, A-axes) 4 kw
Servo motor (X, Y-axes) 3 kw
Dia. of ball screw (Z-axis) Φ63 P 12
Dia. of ball screw (X, Y-axis) Φ50 P10
Rapid feed (Z-axis) 6 m/min
Rapid feed (X, Y-axis) 6 m/min
Work table Worktable area (mm) 920 x 2300
Index table Dimensions (mm) 800 x 800
Max. load 4000 kg
Oil tank capacity Hydraulic unit 100L
Lubrication oil tank 2L x 3
Others Machine dimension W x L x H (mm) 4100x 6500 x 2550
N.W. 17.5 tons
  • Machine base with rigid, one-piece iron construction.
  • Heavy duty cutting spindle (Equivalent NT50) X and Y axes.
  • Z-axis precision linear guide for fast and rigid cutting.
  • All guides are TURCITE-B coated and precision scraped.
  • Half of the Z-axis ball screw is soaked into the lubrication oil.
  • Powerful vertical clamp hydraulic cylinder.
  • HM-1500DS-500 with one main cylinder, the other models with one main cylinder and two auxiliary hydraulic cylinders, bigger models can apply one main cylinder and four auxiliary hydraulic cylinders for optional selection.
  • 4 axes control, Z (Longitude), X、Y (R and L cutting spindle), A (precision index table).
  • HMI user friendly touch screen, with dialogic data input, self-alarm diagnosis and alarm message display.
  • Electric cabinet with air cooling system.
  • Auto index table with servo control A-axis.
  • 90˚ align stopper for easy setup of the workpiece.
  • Auto detecting device for measuring the workpiece before machine.
  • Complete set of hydraulic system.
  • Pneumatic system for air blow and detecting device.
  • 2 sets of screw-type chip conveyors.
  • Halogen work light.
  • 3 colors working condition light.
  • Tool box with tools.